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DJ Profile : DJ Jamm is a late bloomer but a perpetual go-getter often the last person to mince words and always the first to engage in a meaningful conversation her first stint as a writer landed her a relationship blog that she has long since dreamt of turning into a book but fate wasn’t having it.

Although her job as a DJ is her first in broadcasting she somewhat comes in fresh from the Social Media boat that landed her the job in the first place (she responded to a job post on Facebook–and the rest is Bee History). She aims to talk about things that will engage her listeners. Always been the one to break out of the mold and the last to run away from a challenge. This platform albeit new to her feels like home because she is used to having a semblance of a public life with her day job as a restaurateur and blogger. She also seeks to make her listeners feel like they are never alone and because she also often insists that she sounds better than she looks and being a DJ serves this purpose and is a perfect platform to make sure that she spreads good vibes, useful advice, and a whole lot of Love. Expect a whole lot of Jammin’ with Jamm! ❤️