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102.3 Bee FM’s first foray into the realm of events have proved to be an ambitious feat for Program Director Monique Morales who headed the event. Packed with bees simultaneously working together with General Manager Carmen Docdocil at the helm it is no wonder it did not fail to deliver a concert Butuan has never seen before.

Both the main bands whose names have been making the rounds in the rock scene has finally come to
Butuan. Franco and December Avenue we’re opened for, by three of Butuan’s Finest.



BEE AMPLIFIED: Franco X December Avenue
APRIL 22, 2017

Posted by 102.3 Bee FM on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sandata ni Lolo


Franco X December Avenue
April 22 2017

Posted by 102.3 Bee FM on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Empty Canvas


Franco X December Avenue
April 22 2017

Posted by 102.3 Bee FM on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

who were also launched as STUDIO ONE’S First Signed talents from Butuan City.

With an audience that rocked out and paid close attention to each band’s performance it is no wonder that even the opening acts performed several notches higher for their home crowd. One thing was apparent though is the amusement and shock on

December Avenue

December Avenue

Franco X December Ave
April 22, 2017

Posted by 102.3 Bee FM on Thursday, May 4, 2017

and it’s members as the people were quick so sing along to their songs given that unbeknownst to them that 102.3 Bee FM is the first and only radio station in Caraga Region that play their songs predominantly on DJ MoKa’s Bee Strung Midday Show from 10am to 2pm wherein it was ultimately her, who had first introduced the band’s songs on the airwaves and got all of us at Bee singing their songs. Their setlist had featured the crowd’s favorites, which were DAHAN, FALLIN, SLEEP TONIGHT and EROPLANONG PAPEL.

It was an entirely different understanding for all of us present when FRANCO’s set came about as the crowd swarmed the front of the stage even the people from the bleachers came so close to see him and the rest of the band perform. Lights we’re turned off in the beginning and it was imminent that BUTUAN truly deserved their songs. An audience that knew it by heart, an audience that sang along and cheered to every single one of their hits that the band must have felt that they too we’re home even in Northern Mindanao wherein their fans, those that showed up and rocked out waited weeks before they finally came, the band released a performance video of their song Better Days and everyone can see even a glimpse of that night.


Franco X December Avenue
April 22, 2017
FSUU Gymnasium

Posted by 102.3 Bee FM on Friday, May 5, 2017

But what everyone must watch out for is DJ MoKa’s Special Feature on LIVE IN THE HIVE with December Avenue and the BEE AMPLIFIED replay on BEE TV 7.

Make no mistake that Bee believes that Butuan is ready for a higher level of music and performances from Bands all over the archipelago and at the same time we are all hoping that you support our local talents and all of Bee’s Events in the future. Afterall, we work well when we know that we got the whole region behind us.

Shall we?

Doing good things the right way has always been the mantra embedded within each of the Bee’s central system no matter what happens. So when NMBS acquired State of Mind Productions to bring one of its shows somewhere it can do more good and to re-shape the way people expect TV Shows to be made so Bee TV-7 decided to air this all overCaraga Region. Though the first season features the Host Darrell Blatchley’s experience in the devastating Mt. Apo Forest Fire from last year it also showed the heroic feat that brought him and his family to help as the only civilian volunteers from Davao when Typhoon Yolanda happened with all this environmental disasters happening Uncle D as he is known along with his team created D-Tour a look into Man’s choices and its adverse effects on nature. Something that people need to see to understand that the community we live in is not only beautiful but it is also in grave danger from the things we do to pollute it.

So the whole team traveled to Butuan to launch the show at the Robinson’s Place Atrium on February 7, 2017 wherein Bee Stars Salfiyah Chan and Empty Canvass performed alongside audio visual presentations of what to expect about the show on top of witnessing the first episode being simultaneously aired via Bee TV 7. Hosted by Bee FM’s DJ Jam that also facilitated the Open Forum participated by the team that accepted queries from CSU Students, FSUU Students, men of the Armed Forces, Government Offices and citizens that gathered to fill the Atrium and a fitting audience to receive the message that aimed to encourage small scale changes that could help lessen the degradation of the beautiful places around us. Catch D-Tour every Saturday at 12 Noon only on Bee TV-7. Channel 32 on Fil Products, Channel 121 on Zenergy and Local Channel 7 if you do not have cable.

Lunching at Robinsons Place Butuan.

D-TOUR (Replay)

Posted by Bee TV-7 Butuan on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First Episode


Posted by Bee TV-7 Butuan on Friday, February 10, 2017

If Bee is noted for throwing events that work from ground up and are successful and well planned. It must come as no surprise when it was asked to handle the First MakongKaumahan Festival in Carmen, Surigao Del Sur. A 4 hour ride from Butuan and a story conference was all that was needed to pull off an adventure that included a documentary, a festival highlight reel and an experience that proved to be worth all the hard work that was put into planning the Festival because none of it escaped the NMBS’ full coverage. With Bee TV 7’s Jam Magno who wrote, narrated and experienced the festival first hand took the viewers into what really happened and at the same time it was something that the locals have never seen before. Something that makes NMBS different is that it does not settle for coverage that does not compel the locals to be proud of the place that they live in but also open up the place to visitors.
The Travel reel included an introduction into Carmen’s watering holes that was featured to showcase Carmen’s distinct “off the beaten path” feel that took the silence with nature to a different level. The festival was the first ever of its kind in the 36 year history of the Municipality with a new Mayor and the first ever female to occupy such a seat, Mayor Jane Valeroso- Plaza brought life, light and community involvement to a whole new level. Click on to watch the full festival reel to experience the 2 day event. Something is happening to this side of Mindanao, and albeit it being small scale events compared to the humungous festivals elsewhere this one still brings pride to a small chunk of land that needs to be known not just because it is a small parcel of land between Madrid and Lanuza but because it needs more recognition than that.
Join the First Festival feature by watching the video and please do not hesitate to click, like and share for more people to see it.

36th Araw ng Carmen
1st Makong Kaumahan Festival

An Nmbs Production Bee TV-7 Butuan
Directed by: Carmen Docdocil
Edited by: Clint Ong Cañete
Written by: Jam Magno
Narrated by: Ken G. Brax (Kenneth Bracamonte)
Clint Ong Cañete
Ydheil Brando Zagado (Ydheil Brando)
Drone Pilot:
Rey Caligdong
Clint Ong Cañete

Posted by Clint Ong Cañete on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

MAKONG KAUMAHAN ESPESYAL COVERAGE, Municipality of Carmen, Surigao del Sur.

Posted by Bee TV-7 Butuan on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

      2017 went off on a rather adventurous start with a heart. As the Country welcomed the first Tropical Depression in it’s Area of Responsibility called Auring. It also marked NMBS’ First foray into Natural Disaster News Coverage led by the efforts of the Bee TV 7 News Team that tirelessly waited and updated the news regarding the Storm Path. With Hourly Live Reports and Storm Updates it showed that despite being Butuan’s Newbie when it comes to terms with being a News Outlet it also rolls with the punches alongside the experienced outlets that braved the storm from Nasipit to Jabonga.
And not only that the company even put together Oplan: TabangKadapig a donation drive supported by many of it’s supporters that was created to aid the displaced families in the low-laying areas of Buhangin, Mahogany, Banza, Maon and Baan Km. 3 that took refuge in the Evacuation Centers in Agusan National High School andFlorencio Sibayan Central Elementary School. The First receiving food packs for both evacuees and rescuers and the Second receiving relief goods that included uncooked rice, canned goods, noodles and bottled water. As an additional stop the Senior Citizens affected from Brgy. Maon also received relief packs that completed this OPLAN that will soon become a knee jerk reaction for all the Natural Disasters that not only the city but also the region will face.

        One thing is certain, no storm will wind the Bee’s Heart to Serve.

   MarKing Productions led by Mark Lua partnered with NMBS to bring Asia’s Nightingale LaniMisalucha, Journey FrontmanArnel Pineda, Jazz Trio Baihana and noted Musical Director Jimmy Antiporda to Butuan as a fitting year-end event that wrapped up 2016 in a musical feat that truly tested the company in terms of event and crisis management. Truly a testament of team effort and going beyond what the client expects as NMBS became both Media Partner and Over-all Event Organizer led by the efforts of CEO Dr. Jake Valeroso and General Manager Carmen Docdocil who handled the event from ground up to aid MarKing Productions first full concert offering. Participated also by Eventology 8600 led by Erwin Yumo that brought in local models that served as ushers for the event. Weeks in the making the concert was a whole day event with an early start aided by Ford Butuan that lent a Ford Everest to usher the guests to and from the partner hotels VCDU Prince Hotel and Almont Inland Resort where in it’s Convention Hall served as the Concert Venue.
At 3pm amidst the weather that was generally rainy the sky cleared and the plane landed as scheduled and pretty sure at that moment the concert was a sure fire thing to behold. After a late lunch, a brief soundcheck the preparations for the night’s biggest event went underway everyone was abuzz with excitement because even during the sound check and the moment Miss Lani and Sir Arnel took the stage everyone present knew exactly that the show that was about to happen would be one that Butuan should not miss. Amidst the downpour the concert goers came with their families and friends. Some even traveled to Butuan from as far as Davao, Surigao Del Norte, Surigao Del Sur and Cagayan De Oro City proving that this was a concert worth all the effort. With a 1 hour and 30 minute repertoire that brought people to cheers and feverish applause.
With 2 Costume Changes a slew of medleys from Movie Theme Songs to her OPM Hits, Love Songs with Arnel Pineda and even a rendering of Christmas Hits. Miss Lani did not disappoint, proving that her show truly was a part of the The Philippine Tour NMBS pulled off without a hitch. One thing can be said about Mark Lua’s First Production as the head of MarKing he chose the best in the region to pull a concert of this caliber off.