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          What better way to celebrate the season to be jolly than a party that is out of the ordinary. Right when December just rolled in NMBS Celebrated its Christmas Party Early with the NMBS Splash Wet and Witty Party where all of the Bees came in their swim attire that truly made December an extension of the summer. Held at the Garden of Aiden and Hosted by DJ Jam and Zane Macascas with Miss Joanna Marie Villamor opening the Program, Miss Meiko Discipulo delivering an inspirational message, and the department heads each giving a testimony it was also highlighted by a surprise recording from the CEO Doc Jake Valeroso who was not at attendance along with the Radio Consultant Rey Bargamento also known as George Booke. It was also a time to showcase the different -presentations that also became an inter-department contest. With the Radio Department ultimately winning the prize with a rousing rendition of the 12 days of Christmas and an interpretative dance. But what truly set the party astride is the different pool games that the Bees took part in. It was also a time for all of the Bees to work together with people that are not from their department which made it more fun. After dinner everyone gathered around to receive raffled off items, and exchange the gifts they brought which meant no one came home empty handed. Minor Awards were also given away. Harzel Garcia won most Creative Attire as he came as a Shark Attack Survivor and Jam Magno won best dressed ironically without a lot of clothes on but had managed to do a few bikini changes that day. NMBS ended the night with a lot of gifts in tow, kids sleepy from playing in peace all day and the Bees that still came to work in complete attendance the next day.

BEEgayan at 1 October 22, 2016

The morning of October 22 a year ago today had been the dawn of the NEW MANAGEMENT of the Northern Mindanao Broadcasting System Inc. The grandiose event for the day had been one for the books and the biggest launch the City has ever seen, but this year as BEE turned a year old. We focused on something that was much closer to who we are as a company. A family that decided on celebrating the Anniversary with far less bells and whistles. We started it with a mass and blessing in Dumalagan. Then had a blessing in the Station before we were treated to a lunch. Everyone of the Bees were in attendance for this. The focus on this year’s celebration had been about giving back. About focusing on our values and core beliefs as a company. So instead of a big concert and party. We chose to celebrate it with kids from The Bethany Home, Balay Silonganan and Jesu Group. It was an afternoon that filled our hearts with joy as we performed and watched the kids perform for us. Everyone felt like the family we have always worked hard to be. Our President and GM delivered their speeches and we all ended the night with a chance to blow the candle off our first three tier cake. Something tells us. Everything will be more than okay at Bee. Afterall, we have goals to fulfill together.


NMBS Beegayan at 1 A year has passed and we at the Northern Mindanao Broadcasting System Inc. have not only grown in strength but in size and we are truly grateful and elated by this achievement. On October 22, 2016 we have planned a whole day of not only celebrating a year that we have survived but also to give back to the community that have supported us throughout the year.

We will start our day with a Blessing in Dumalagan our tower site which will then be followed by another blessing at the station. This will be participated by everyone working for NMBS as a way for us to also renew our commitment to serve and further solidify our mark as Butuan’s Lone Home Grown Network. In the afternoon we will be hosting an outreach party that will be joined by children and young adults from three Orphanages in Butuan: Balay Silonganan, Jesu Group and Bethany.

A mass will start the festivities and this activity will also be participated by the NMBS’ Bee Stars that will hold a variety show that will feature the different dance and song numbers that will entertain everyone. And what is a party without games, we also have a few lined up that will surely get everyone to participate. To end the day we will gather over dinner and just as we started we must do it together. Always together.



NMBS was a part of the Medical Outreach Program held at Dumalagan that was spearheaded by the CAAP Butuan and DJ MoKa, DJ Jam and Zane hosted the program while the rest of the Bees took part in the different booths. The services rendered for the residents were free haircuts, free dental and medical check-up. Aside from that the students of two schools were given health kits and donations were given to the schools. NMBS took charge of an unplanned situation and provided the needed manpower even without being asked. A team that knows what it needs to do in any given situation and still staying true to being a Bee for others.


Broadcastreeing 2016 NMBS supported the KBP, AFP, PIO-Caraga Office and various individuals from different sectors to plant 15,000 trees in the AFP Camp in Bancasi. The event started very early and took most of the morning as NMBS planted close to 500 trees in total. The previous record was set at 10,000 and this year it was broken by a longshot. With this, NMBS has fostered its position as not only a KBP Member but also a company that fully supports all of the Civic Activities that encourage unity and being a BEE for others.