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D-Tour: NMBS Brings Davao’s Environmental Warriors to Caraga Region

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Doing good things the right way has always been the mantra embedded within each of the Bee’s central system no matter what happens. So when NMBS acquired State of Mind Productions to bring one of its shows somewhere it can do more good and to re-shape the way people expect TV Shows to be made so Bee TV-7 decided to air this all overCaraga Region. Though the first season features the Host Darrell Blatchley’s experience in the devastating Mt. Apo Forest Fire from last year it also showed the heroic feat that brought him and his family to help as the only civilian volunteers from Davao when Typhoon Yolanda happened with all this environmental disasters happening Uncle D as he is known along with his team created D-Tour a look into Man’s choices and its adverse effects on nature. Something that people need to see to understand that the community we live in is not only beautiful but it is also in grave danger from the things we do to pollute it.

So the whole team traveled to Butuan to launch the show at the Robinson’s Place Atrium on February 7, 2017 wherein Bee Stars Salfiyah Chan and Empty Canvass performed alongside audio visual presentations of what to expect about the show on top of witnessing the first episode being simultaneously aired via Bee TV 7. Hosted by Bee FM’s DJ Jam that also facilitated the Open Forum participated by the team that accepted queries from CSU Students, FSUU Students, men of the Armed Forces, Government Offices and citizens that gathered to fill the Atrium and a fitting audience to receive the message that aimed to encourage small scale changes that could help lessen the degradation of the beautiful places around us. Catch D-Tour every Saturday at 12 Noon only on Bee TV-7. Channel 32 on Fil Products, Channel 121 on Zenergy and Local Channel 7 if you do not have cable.

Lunching at Robinsons Place Butuan.

D-TOUR (Replay)

Posted by Bee TV-7 Butuan on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First Episode


Posted by Bee TV-7 Butuan on Friday, February 10, 2017

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