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Makong Kaumahan: NMBS’ First Foray in Full Festival Coverage

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If Bee is noted for throwing events that work from ground up and are successful and well planned. It must come as no surprise when it was asked to handle the First MakongKaumahan Festival in Carmen, Surigao Del Sur. A 4 hour ride from Butuan and a story conference was all that was needed to pull off an adventure that included a documentary, a festival highlight reel and an experience that proved to be worth all the hard work that was put into planning the Festival because none of it escaped the NMBS’ full coverage. With Bee TV 7’s Jam Magno who wrote, narrated and experienced the festival first hand took the viewers into what really happened and at the same time it was something that the locals have never seen before. Something that makes NMBS different is that it does not settle for coverage that does not compel the locals to be proud of the place that they live in but also open up the place to visitors.
The Travel reel included an introduction into Carmen’s watering holes that was featured to showcase Carmen’s distinct “off the beaten path” feel that took the silence with nature to a different level. The festival was the first ever of its kind in the 36 year history of the Municipality with a new Mayor and the first ever female to occupy such a seat, Mayor Jane Valeroso- Plaza brought life, light and community involvement to a whole new level. Click on to watch the full festival reel to experience the 2 day event. Something is happening to this side of Mindanao, and albeit it being small scale events compared to the humungous festivals elsewhere this one still brings pride to a small chunk of land that needs to be known not just because it is a small parcel of land between Madrid and Lanuza but because it needs more recognition than that.
Join the First Festival feature by watching the video and please do not hesitate to click, like and share for more people to see it.

36th Araw ng Carmen
1st Makong Kaumahan Festival

An Nmbs Production Bee TV-7 Butuan
Directed by: Carmen Docdocil
Edited by: Clint Ong Cañete
Written by: Jam Magno
Narrated by: Ken G. Brax (Kenneth Bracamonte)
Clint Ong Cañete
Ydheil Brando Zagado (Ydheil Brando)
Drone Pilot:
Rey Caligdong
Clint Ong Cañete

Posted by Clint Ong Cañete on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

MAKONG KAUMAHAN ESPESYAL COVERAGE, Municipality of Carmen, Surigao del Sur.

Posted by Bee TV-7 Butuan on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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