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Wet and Witty Christmas Party

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          What better way to celebrate the season to be jolly than a party that is out of the ordinary. Right when December just rolled in NMBS Celebrated its Christmas Party Early with the NMBS Splash Wet and Witty Party where all of the Bees came in their swim attire that truly made December an extension of the summer. Held at the Garden of Aiden and Hosted by DJ Jam and Zane Macascas with Miss Joanna Marie Villamor opening the Program, Miss Meiko Discipulo delivering an inspirational message, and the department heads each giving a testimony it was also highlighted by a surprise recording from the CEO Doc Jake Valeroso who was not at attendance along with the Radio Consultant Rey Bargamento also known as George Booke. It was also a time to showcase the different -presentations that also became an inter-department contest. With the Radio Department ultimately winning the prize with a rousing rendition of the 12 days of Christmas and an interpretative dance. But what truly set the party astride is the different pool games that the Bees took part in. It was also a time for all of the Bees to work together with people that are not from their department which made it more fun. After dinner everyone gathered around to receive raffled off items, and exchange the gifts they brought which meant no one came home empty handed. Minor Awards were also given away. Harzel Garcia won most Creative Attire as he came as a Shark Attack Survivor and Jam Magno won best dressed ironically without a lot of clothes on but had managed to do a few bikini changes that day. NMBS ended the night with a lot of gifts in tow, kids sleepy from playing in peace all day and the Bees that still came to work in complete attendance the next day.

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